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Nigella's Nutella Cheesecake

Sometimes I just don't feel like spending all day in the kitchen.  I love baking but there are plenty of days that I just want to make something fast and move on to other things.  Saturday was that day.  I needed dessert for church the next day but I really wanted to tackle my unruly garage.  On days like these, I turn to Nigella.  Her recipes are almost always quick and always yummy.  This cheesecake is one of my favorites.  Nigella's  Nutella Cheesecake  is alwasys a crowd-pleaser and comes together in a matter of minutes.  The only variation I make is dependent on what type of cookie I have in my pantry for the crust.  Yesterday's cheesecake had a hazelnut Orea crust.  I haven't tried a combination yet that didn't taste good.  Happy Baking!

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