White Velvet Cake with Chocolate Frosting

This week's Heavenly Cake challenge was a simple cake but it brought with it plenty of possibilities.  The cake itself was a simple white cake that was not very flavorful but had a great crumb and a sturdy structure.  I am sure that I will use this cake as a base for other cakes in the future.  The chocolate frosting was simple to prepare and had a great shine to it.  I didn't have milk chocolate so I used double chocolate chips instead and this too tasted great.  I didn't mind the stronger chocolate flavor that Rose was trying to avoid.  I also loved the slow lava-like swoopiness of this frosting.  It spoke to my deep admiration for all things creamy and dreamy.  All in all the taste and textures were very good.

I have to admit that I am still not use to Rose's batter assemblies.  I agree that they  produce wonderful textures but I still feel like I haven't read the instructions correctly.  If you are a Rose newbie, push past the strange steps and welcome to the world of cakes with great structure.



  1. This looks lovely..the full chocolate thick layer of ganache..my kind of cake. Now you make me wonder why i ever decide to make it into cupcakes!

  2. wow your frosting looks so lovely and velvety!

  3. Your cake looks lovely. I agree this is the perfect white cake and "doll it up" with chocolate - yummy!

  4. Sigh, I recognize those plates. Makes me wish I was there with you guys eating a piece of cake right now. Miss you all!


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