I'm Back! I Hope!

 Oh to be back to baking....  I am happy to report that God has blessed me with a great recovery.  His mercy is great and I am so thankful!!  While it has been really challenging for me, all is going smashingly well.  My bones, muscles and titanium are healing nicely and I am starting to feel more energetic.  Last week I was thinking, what will I blog first???  Will it be something grand (what a joke) or will it be something on my sidebar list?  Well, reality came crashing down on my head when I tried to make a simple Asian salmon and burnt it to a crisp.  All this to say: I need a little practice before I present all of you with anything spectacular.

As I sat pondering what I did wrong with the salmon, it hit me!  I will make an easy Charlotte aux Abricots, aka, Apricot Charlotte.  I love Charlottes!  They are easy and scream summer to me.  This one comes from a book my sister lent me while I convalesced called "Lunch in Paris" written by Elizabeth Bard.  It is a sassy little novel that describes Elizabeth's experiences when she moved to Paris to marry her dear, sweet Gwendal.  Each chapter has several recipes included and when I read this one, I knew I would make it!  I have a deep passion for all things apricot and since I had a few left in my freezer from last year (the best apricot year in ages) I began on my first bionic blogging adventure.

I slowly stewed my apricots in water, sugar and a vanilla bean until they were tender.  I cooled my little beauties over night and then I was ready.

This recipe could not be easier.

Charlotte aux Abricots
25-35 crisp Italian ladyfingers
3 cups Greek yogurt (full fat - just do it)
32-ounce can of apricots or pears in heavy syrup (or you can make your own)

Line the sides of a small saucepan or Charlotte mold with plastic wrap (approximately 6 inches in diameter).  Line the mold, sides and bottom, with the lady fingers.  Layer yogurt and apricots in mold.  Top with a layer of lady fingers.  Pour 1/4 cup of apricot syrup on lady fingers.  Repeat layering 2 or 3 times.  End with ladyfingers and an extra 1/4 cup of syrup all over top, including sides.  Cover with plastic wrap and press the top lightly with a plate or saucer to compress Charlotte.  Refrigerate at least 12 hours.  To unmold, remove plastic wrap on top, place on serving plate and flip.  Gently shake until mold can be removed.  Remove plastic wrap and enjoy.

Wouldn't this be spectacular for brunch or a breakfast buffet??


  1. I'm not sure what was going on with the comment section but I hope it is fixed now. :)

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere! And may I just say... YUM!


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