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Life has a way of changing plans and surprising us when we don't expect it.  I am sorry for being absent for so long.  First I was sick (with croup!!???!!!) and then I was dealing with our sick dog.  I know this is a food blog but I want to dedicate this post to our dear dog Bruzer and my sweet brother-in-law G (who did what the rest of us couldn't do).  Bruzer - thanks for being a great part of the family for nine years.  I love you buddy.

When I was making this cake, every part of it reminded me of the flavors my brother-in-law appreciates.  The cake was light and soaked in the most delicious coffee/liqueur syrup, the ganache was creamy and not overly sweet and in the end, I decided to top it with G's favorite french truffles (from Costco-they totally rock).  So G, this one was for you.  You are a special man - Thanks.


  1. Look how pretty... I'm telling you, the ganache and I just did not get along, everyone had a better looking ganache cake than mine grrr, glad you had not issues, because your cake looks PERFECT!

    I'm so sorry about Bruzer, I been there and done what your BIL G had to do. Not easy...

  2. So pretty! love the chocolate truffles addition!

  3. Beautiful! I did not know about Costco's truffles but will definitely be on the look out for them next trip. So sorry about your beloved dog Bruzer. That's the hardest part about having pets, knowing when to end their suffering. It never ever ever ever is easy. Never. You may not believe this, but they always find a way to come back to us in a different form. Always.

  4. yummi!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. This is a beautiful post, Maja! He is a good man indeed.

  6. Where was I during this taste test? Looks delish!

  7. so sorry about bruzer; been there myself a couple of years ago and it was heartbreaking. glad you're back to health, and your cake looks lovely!

  8. Beautiful cake! I too like those chocolate truffles (remind me to tell you a story about J and the truffles).
    G is a wonderful man and I'm glad you dedicated a cake to him. We love you G!
    Sorry about Bruzer, I know how much you all loved him. :(


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