Valentine's Baking Extravaganza

Let me start by stating my deep love for all things Valentine.  I think a day full of hearts, chocolate, pink and red is just about perfection.  This year I wanted to bake something special and since I was going to share my Valentine's baking with six youngsters, I selected kid friendly desserts. 

I started with Whoopie Pies.  Which child (or adult for that matter) can't enjoy a chocolate-y and marshmallow cream confection?  I wanted to try ATK's version and it was perfection.  The cake part was moist and super chocolate-y and the cream - oh that cream!!!  What a delight!  It was sweet and slightly salty.  It was creamy but still fluffy.  It was WONDERFUL!!!

Then I decided to make a red dessert so I went with Amy's Bread Red Velvet Cake.  The cake called for dark brown sugar which I happen to already have.  I was a little concerned about this (I was afraid the cake would be like a red brick) but I persevered through it and followed the recipe.  Much to my delight, the cake was great.  I loved the slightly dense texture and the moist crumb.  It was light and heavy all at the same time.  My only regret with the cake portion was my over use of red food coloring.  I think I could have halved the amount and been just fine.  I used Christmas Red instead of No-Taste Red and next time I will not do that.  The Christmas Red left a slight after taste in my mouth that I didn't care for.

Overall, my Valentine's Day was a complete delight.  Work had been challenging that day but my guests made up for it.  They were wonderful!  The best part for me was my niece's adoration of my Red Velvet.  Nothing says I love you like "I love your cake!"  I sent her home with several pieces to enjoy in the days to come.


  1. The SIX pieces that she's been enjoying in the morning and throughout the day! I ate some of it ONCE... to which I got a firm talkin' too. :)

    Thank you for making it a complete delight for all!!!

  2. You did not disappoint, yet again.


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