Whipped Cream Cake

This week's Heavenly Baker free choice had one requirement.  Simplicity!  I did not want to mess my whole kitchen up with a dessert that took 92 steps and 113 bowls.  I wanted a simple, straight forward cake that tasted great.  I finally decided on the Whipped Cream Cake.  How much easier could you get?  I didn't even need to let butter come to room temperature because the only fat in this cake is whipping cream.  I quickly sifted the dry ingredients, mixed the wet ones together and then folded in the dry.  Easy Peasy!  As I was pouring the batter into my cake tin, the aroma hit me.  Actually it kissed me!  This batter has the most delicious smell and so I had to taste.  After pouring the batter, I licked the spatula and OH MY GOODNESS!!!  I could have eaten a bowl of this stuff. 
I decided to keep it simple so I mixed together some strawberries and dried figs, warmed some jam with a little bit of Chamboard and off we went to dessert paradise. 
If you are looking for a simple white cake, send me an email and I will give you the recipe (unless you already have Heavenly Cakes of course).


  1. Oh, yes, this is one of the best cakes in the book. With your addition of fruit, it must be spectacular.


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