Cupcake Paradise

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my sweet sister in Toronto.  To date, my sisters have only married Canadians.  While I am fond of our neighbors to the north, they are all REALLY fond of them!  Anyway, my youngest sister now lives in Toronto and I must say that it seems like she was born for city living.  She is always out and about looking for great parks, shops and best of all food!  This weekend started with the best cupcakes I have ever eaten.  Correction: the best cupcakes I have ever eaten from a bakery.  Our morning started at For the Love of Cake and Balzac's.  We selected six flavors.  The Bailey's Irish Cream was a must along with Very Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut, Red Velvet and a Coconut Snowball.  All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Each cupcake had a creamy center and a creamy but not overly sweet frosting.  The Baily's one had a chocolate ganache center.  The coconut had a coconut cream center.  Oh dear, my mouth is watering.  After making our cupcake selection we headed over to a super charming coffee shop that served excellent cappuccinos. 
Sadly, the day continued with delicious food that I forgot to photograph.  For lunch we made our way to St. Laurence Market and munched on pasta smothered in meat sauce, Alfredo sauce and pesto as well as pea meal bacon on a bun (whoa baby!).  For dinner we wined and dined at the Mansion Keg. 
Sunday was not so focused on eating but we did manage to squeeze in a quick stop to the best chicken wing place on earth: Moose Winooski's!  All in all I had a great time and my belly is happy!


  1. Yay Moose Winooski's! You weren't far from me!

  2. I checked out For the Love of Cake's website and noticed that they host an Ironcupcake bake off. I think you should participate in the next one! I'll come to TO and taste test at the event! :) I know how you like a good baking competition. ;)


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