Taking It Easy

For years my family has been congregating in Florida during the holidays.  We are fortunate to have parents who own a beautiful condo and love to have us all around them.  As our family changes with new in-laws and job changes, we can't all go together for two weeks but we all try.  When circumstance does not allow being in Florida, the next years gathering calls us even stronger.  Three things are consistent in Florida: good food - whether simple or complex, lounging in sun, and enjoying each others company. 

I thoroughly enjoy cooking for my family.  They are always willing to try my experiments.  Each year I try a few new things and remake the oldie but goodies.  For me, the most important element is ease of preparation.  My parents are always willing to make the complicated stuff while vacationing - unlike myself.  I like short ingredient lists and super simple instructions while I vacation.  I also like to see how creative I can get with leftovers.  I am not a fan of eating the same thing over and over.  Also, I believe that food that is reheated over and over DOES NOT taste better.  So... I try to come up with stuff like this:

My sister grilled a few steaks the other day and they have been sitting in the fridge waiting for someone, anyone to come along and be inspired.  I decided to slice the steaks up (cutting out as much fat as possible) and cover them in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce.  Then I nuked them just to take the chill out.  Into this I thinly sliced a green onion.  I toasted a Ciabatta roll from Costco, layered the sliced steak on it, gave it a little cayenne dusting and topped it with fresh mozzarella.  Tada!  Lunch for my mom and sister.  Hello Florida!

P.S.  You guys MUST try PB Snickers - Whoa Baby!


  1. I'll take one of those PB Snickers with the San Pellegrino! Florida has my heart. Your family sounds lovely.

  2. Wish I could be there with you guys now. That looks delish!


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