Beef Burgundy

I joined the Cook's Illustrated recipe testers about a year ago and it has been  a lot of fun so far.  I got an email from them late last week and I was so excited when I opened the link and found that Beef Burgundy was the recipe.  What fun!!!  I started by searching Meijer for salt pork.  I never purchased it before and after searching for 10 minutes I found it next to the bacon.  Duh!!  By the time I got home it was after 7 and I was looking at 3 hours of cooking.  As I started prepping, I had such a Julie/Julia moment.  I felt like Julia was coming to dinner and I had to deliver.  Silly, huh?!?  Anyway, I started chopping and browning and before I knew it, my house smelled like a French Bistro awaiting dinner guests.  Wow, the smell is really incredible.  Unfortunately I can't share the recipe quite yet but it is coming and when it does, get ready!


  1. This was so yummy! I am so happy to reap the benefits of our cooking clubs.


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