Baking Tip #1

I have quite a few baking tricks or tips that I use all the time.  I love sharing them and trying new tips that I collect from people, magazines, blogs and TV.  Here is tip numero uno: do not try to bake when you are in a sour mood.  Things will not go well for you.  I can bake when I am really mad. It actually helps me calm down and regroup.  When I am in a sour mood and generally irritated with things, the kitchen is not the place for me.  Somehow, the cake senses that I am not fully committed to it and FLOP!  I was baking for a church event on Friday (and I was feeling all boo hoo blah) and sure enough, my pie knew it.  Not only did it not turn out as I planned, but I also managed to break a glass and make a huge greasy mess.  I should have just stopped at Costco, picked up some chocolates and watched a movie instead.  Live and learn.


  1. tip accepted. i probably shouldn't bake tonight given that i have a case of the mondays.


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