Chocolate Cupcake

Along with reviews, I will also include some of my likes, dislikes, cooking/baking techniques as well as favorite recipes.
Let me start by saying I love, love, love chocolate.  I don't like working with it (it is one of the most temperamental ingredients I have ever encountered) but I love eating it.  Dark chocolate does something to me.  My favorite is from Perugina, Italy.  When I was in Tuscany several years back, I stocked up on it.  My stash lasted about a year and now I can only dream of the day when I return to Italy to eat it again. 

For all of you that love chocolate like I do, make Cook's Illustrated Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes .  These cupcakes are moist, chocolatey, and rich but not overly sweet.  The frosting is easy to prepare and so velvety.  They are quick and easy to prepare.  This recipe makes 12 beautiful cupcakes.  Enjoy!


  1. I think you just need a bit more practice to get used to baking with chocolate. I guess I'll take one for the team and be your taste tester until you get it just right. You're welcome!

  2. is it bad that i've been thinking about these cupcakes since i read this yesterday?? i don't think so either.

  3. It is expected! These rocked my world. I still have to make these for you. Maybe I will make them for Saturday.


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