As many of you know, I live in Michigan where the leaves are changing and the air is chilly.  Fall came a bit later then usual this year and even though I am not ready for the short days, cold temperatures, icy roads and snow piles, I am ready for a little fall merry making.  My sister and her husband decided to have an Oktoberfest party this past weekend and I was game.  I happen to thoroughly enjoy German food.  Here is what we feasted on:

Baked Potato Soup with Bacon and Green Onions

Sausages baked with Sauerkraut

Pork Schnitzel

I have a secret weapon for schnitzel that never lets me down.  Are you ready for it???  It is a cheap non-stick electric skillet.  The advantage is two fold.  Number One: It is portable!!  Fry in your garage, on the deck or in your kitchen.  My preference is one of the first two.  I don't like when my house smells like "cooking."  Number Two: even, spot-on temperature control.  I like to fry between 350 and 375 degrees.  When I do, the outcome is a beautiful golden crust that rarely burns. 
For our Oktoberfest schnitzel, I seasoned the meat with s & p, dredged them in flour mixed with finely chopped fresh oregano and paprika, then in egg and lastly in breadcrumbs.  Then into the hot oil for ten minutes, flipping after about 5 minutes.  My favorite way to eat these is right when they come out of the oil with a little squeeze of lemon.  I burn my mouth every time but it is well worth it.  Go fry some meat- you know you want to.  ;)

Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)
 This yummy cake is like a big biscuit that has a crunchy almond topping and a creamy vanilla custard filling.  YUM YUM

200 g. flour
4 tsp. baking powder

100 g. cottage cheese
4 Tbsp. vegetable oil
4 Tbsp. milk
50 g. sugar
1 pkg. vanilla sugar or 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Combine flour mixture with cheese mixture.  Knead dough until smooth.  Roll out and place in a greased springform.

Combine 50 g. butter, 100 g. sugar, 1 pkg. vanilla sugar and 1 Tbsp. milk in a saucepan.  Heat over medium heat until melted and bubbly.  Stir in 100 g. sliced almonds.  Cool for 5 minutes.  
Spread topping over dough.
Bake cake for 20-25 minutes in a 350 degree oven.
Cool cake completely.  Cut in half with a serrated knife.  Fill with vanilla pudding or whipped cream mixed with vanilla pudding.  Enjoy!


  1. So cute! I'd like me some of that Bee Sting Cake!

  2. Wow!I missed a PARTAY! bummer.
    I could eat that schnitzel right off the screen.

  3. I love Biehnenstich. I have yet to make it myself but the recipe I've been thinking of making actually uses a yeast dough for the "cake" part. Interesting that your recipe calls for baking powder instead...


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